Booking in for surgery

Please see below the process of booking-in to have your surgical procedure at Hurstville Private Hospital.

  • Decide the approximate date that would like to have the procedure done.
  • Contact the office on 9580 2255 to book in your date for the procedure. Dr Miller performs generally does his surgery on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Please read the information provided about the procedure, or follow this link to our information sheets
  • Please go to the Hurstville Private Hospital website and navigate to the admissions form section. This needs to be completed prior to your procedure.
  • Ensure that you are aware of any fees and payments that may be required.
  • Dr Miller’s fees and the hospital fees are usually fully covered by your health fund, but you may have an excess to pay (depending on the policy) and there will be a gap fee from the anaesthetist.
  • The hospital will contact you a day or two before the procedure to tell you what time to come in and went to fast from. You will need to have an empty stomach for at least six hours prior to the surgery.
  • Please follow any additional instructions that Dr Miller has given you, in particular whether you are required to bring anything specific in with you on the day of your procedure

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