Hurstville Private Hospital

Hurstville Private Hospital is located in Gloucester Road, Hurstville. About 2/3 of pregnant women Trent sees have their baby at Hurstville Hospital. The hospital has an excellent reputation in the area for quality maternity care with a group of dedicated and highly experienced midwives on both the delivery suite and the postnatal ward. It has excellent paediatric and nursery facilities and can cater for babies born greater than 32-34 weeks gestation, including twins and babies of mothers with diabetes and other medical problems. It has the convenience of being in the same building as Trent's offices. The hospital underwent a major redevelopment, reopening in mid 2015. Trent had the honour of helping the first woman give birth in the new re-developed hospital.

St George Private Hospital

St George Private Hospital is a larger hospital located in Kogarah. It also provides an excellent level of maternity care for women and their babies. Like Hurstville, St George Private has nursery facilities that can cater for babies born greater than 32-34 weeks gestation. About 1/3 of the pregnant women that Trent sees have their baby at St George Private Hospital.

St George Public Hospital

St George Public Hospital is in Kogarah. It provides a safe but more basic level of care. It is best for women who are not privately insured and who wish to receive care as a private patient. It may also be best for some women with significant health complications – Trent will discuss if this applies to you.

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