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Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

You have no doubt had a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant! You may also have seen your GP to confirm this and to start to organise your pregnancy care. 
You will usually be between 8 and 12 weeks pregnant when you first come to see Trent.
You will need to bring a referral from your GP as well as copies of any blood tests and ultarsound sthat you have had done so far.

Your first appointment with Dr Miller

The initial visit usually takes 40 minutes to complete. At this visit, Trent will ask you about your health such as any illnesses, medications, operations and other pregnancies that you may have had. Also he will ask you about your family’s medical history.

A general health checkup will be performed which may include checks to make sure your heart, lungs and blood pressure are normal and a urine test to make sure your kidneys are healthy.
An ultrasound is usually performed at the first visit to check the pregnancy, it helps if you have a full bladder for this.

It is usual to have a some blood tests at the start of the pregnancy. Your GP may have already arranged this and if so, please bring the results with you if available. The blood tests are to check for anaemia, your blood group, infections such as hepatitis, rubella, syphilis, chicken pox and HIV.

At your first visit, Trent will discuss additional genetic tests that you may wish to have to check for genetic problems that may affect your baby. Trent may recommend these tests if you are over 35 years of age, have already had a baby with a genetic problem or inherited family health problem, have a family history of a genetic problem.

You may have decided which hospital you wish to have your baby at. If not, then Trent will discuss this with you. Trent will organise the paperwork to book into a hospital at this first visit.

What to bring to your first appointment:

- Yourself! and of course your partner is welcome to come.

You will also need to bring:

- a referral from your GP
- any blood test results and ultrasounds that you may have
- a full bladder in case an ultrasound is required
- any information about any medical conditions or operations that you may have had

Further appointments

After the first visit, you are usually seen every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks pregnant, then every 2 or 3 weeks until you are 36 weeks pregnant, then about every week until you have the baby. You may be seen more frequently than this should an issue arise that requires closer observation.

At each visit, you will have your blood pressure checked, the baby will have its growth checked, the heart beat measured and its position determined.

Trent and his midwives will also discuss how the pregnancy is progressing and any concerns or questions that you may have. From about 28 weeks onwards (the third trimester), we will start to discuss the birth including what sort of birth you would like to have and what sort of pain relief you may like to consider.

After the birth

After your baby is born, you will have an appointment with Trent at 6 weeks for a checkup. Lauren and Maria, the practice midwives, will keep in touch as needed and are available for advice during that time. If it is your first baby, you will also have a home visit from Lauren or Maria.

You are able to contact the practice at any time during the 6 week postnatal period if you are having any problems.

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