The flu vaccination

Pregnant women are highly recommended to have the flu vaccination.

Women are more susceptible to getting the flu compared to when they are not pregnant, as women's immune system drops a little whilst pregnant. This helps women's immune system accept carrying a baby.

It is best that women don't get the flu because women can become more sick with the flu compared to when they are not pregnant, and also it is best to avoid having fevers and viral illnesses during infection as this can increase the risk of preterm birth and other complications.

The influenza vaccine has been given for many many years, and has been shown to be very safe.

The influenza vaccine can be given for free whilst pregnant from pharmacies and general practitioners. It is safe to have any time during the pregnancy.

The 2021 flu vaccination is now available.

For more information from NSW, see here.

For information about the flu from Mothersafe, see here.

  • updated May 2021

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