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In an emergency

If you have a problem or concern, please call Trent’s office between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or the hospital that you are booked at outside these hours.

A midwife is available to speak to 24 hours a day 7 days a week at the hospital that you are booked to have the baby at, and can contact Dr Miller after hours if required.

Hospital contact numbers in an emergency:

Hurstville Hospital: (02) 9579 7777
St George Private Hospital: (02) 9598 5395
St George Public Hospital: (02) 9113 2125

When to call with a problem:

You should call if:

  • you have any vaginal bleeding
  • you have abdominal cramps coming on a regular basis
  • you have fluid or water coming out vaginally
  • you have concerns about the baby’s movements, especially if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant
  • you have nausea and vomiting and are unable to keep any fluids or food down
  • you have a car accident or significant trauma such as a fall onto your abdomen
  • you think that you are in labour- your contractions are coming regularly about every 5 minutes and are painful, or you think your waters have been broken . See Labour and Birth
  • you are unsure what is happening and need advice
  • you have been advised to call early due to your particular circumstance
  • if you have a large amount of vaginal bleeding
  • call early if your baby is premature (less than 37 weeks pregnant)

Suite 7, Level 1
Hurstville Private Hospital
37 Gloucester Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220 


Phone:  (02) 9580 2255                 
Fax:  (02) 9580 2244