Obstetric Services 

Thank you for coming to this website and considering Trent as your obstetrician.

‘My goal is for you to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy, with a happy and healthy baby to show for it.’

Trent provides pregnancy care ranging from women who have the expectation of a natural normal birth, to those with conditions or problems that may need a little bit more help.

Trent looks after all types of pregnancies, including

  • Normal pregnancies with the hope of a natural birth
  • Caesarean delivery
  • Vaginal delivery after one or two previous caesarean sections
  • Twin pregnancies
  • Complicated pregnancies
  • Pregnant women with medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure 

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Weekends and Holidays

So that he has time off to spend with his family, Trent is available every third or fourth weekend. The other weekends are covered by one his colleagues: Dr James Opperman, Dr Greg Davis, or Dr Emmanuel Karantanis. Likewise, planned holidays will be covered by one of these doctors- you will be notified in advance of any significant holiday leave.

These doctors are all experienced local obstetricians, and any plans for your birth that are in place will be followed by these doctors if Trent is unavailable.

Nicki and Lauren, Trent’s practice midwives, will also be involved in your care offering advice, education and support to you during the pregnancy and in the postnatal period.

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